Lucille Ball’s daughter Lucie Arnaz got the advice which worked for her life!

Singer and producer Lucie Arnaz, daughter of the famous comedian Lucille Ball, has shared the most memorable advice that her mother gave to her.

On Tuesday, the occasion of her late mothers birthday celebration was there, and she gave tribute to her beloved mother. On this day, the five most famous episodes of her popular show were to be aired again in her memory.

In an interview, Lucie shared to GMA “Good Morning America” about her memories and some of the best advice she gave to her and her brother. She was very particular about,” Take care of yourself.” “put your oxygen mask on before anybody else,” Lucie said about advice.

Her mother was a practical person, and so her advice. “Never leave your luggage” the line always pops up in the mind of Lucie.

“Don’t come in whining. Know your lines. Be a team player. Don’t blame other people for what you didn’t do right.” Lucie added in-memory story speech.

Lucie shared a post on Instagram about the big screening of the famous show “I Love Lucy” and some big revelation about her past life, some memories she shared with her mother, father and her brother in her childhood.

Lucie has another plan in her mind, along with the revival of the show “I Love Lucy.”

She is planning to shoot a movie on Lucille and her father, Desi, relationship.

The film is yet to start production. Amazon studios took charge of the project, and Cate Blanchett is going to play the lead role as Lucille in the movie.