No regrets about nude shoot: Kate Hudson enjoys being naked!

American actress, author, and fashion designer Kate Hudson has recently opened up about her nude shoot.

Since the year 2001, a lot has been changed in Kate Hudson’s life since she posed nude in the InStyle magazine.

Recently on the eve of InStyle’s 25th anniversary, Hudson along with other stars, recalled her eight InStyle covers, especially the “nude shoot.”

This got banned from certain ‘shops’ or ‘establishments’ because it was deemed “inappropriate”-she said regarding the nude cover. Whatever, we sold a whole bunch of them”.

She recalls all the memories of her early years in the industry, her shoot for the magazine cover, her newly-wed life, and how her career got a gear after ” Almost Famous.”

About her nude shoot, Hudson revealed ” To be honest, it doesn’t take a lot for me to take my clothes off. People can say whatever they want, but I like being naked.”

She also shared her experience of life at the age of 40. In her opinion,” it’s just age, and it’s a great age. An age where you have actually earned some wisdom.”

“I was 24, and back then I really didn’t give up my high heels,” Hudson shares about her pregnancy period and her not giving attitude over her high heels.

“But 15 years later, during her third pregnancy, I sure did” she added.

Her favorite cover was the 2014 issue, in which she wrote an essay about being a ” bad mother” and admitted to locking herself in a way to her herself from her kids.