Lucifer Season 5: Will the seven archangels make an appearance on the show?Peep in to know if our favourite demon was an Archangel!

Lucifer, our very own modern demon, rules our hearts with his dark history and intriguing actions. Now, season 5 will release in 2020 on Netflix. Obviously, fans are eager to enjoy it before bidding it goodbye.

Tom Ellis stars as the titular role. Also, his brother, an archangel named Amanediel, is played by D.B. Woodside. Thus, it makes us curious about Lucifer’s position in Heaven.

Was he an angel?

The show may take whatever course the writers and creatives decide. But, will there be a plot showing Lucifer as an Angel. Or, more importantly, Archangel?

Firstly, who are the archangels? Secondly, how many are there?

Archangels are angels of the highest rank. Naturally, they are also the most powerful and strongest.  The name is mentioned in Jewish literature.

Though, ‘archangel’ is not referred outright in the Hebrew Bible. Still, in the Greek New Testament, it occurs once.

Considerably, there are four main Archangels. They are Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, and Michael.

Christian and Abrahamic tradition refer Archangel in the late 5th to early 6th century. Pseudo-Dionysius names them Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Camael, Jophiel, and Zadkiel.

In particular, Archangels are named differently in different traditions.

Angel Michael

He is the Warrior angel. He is considered the leader. Besides, he is the symbol of justice, mercy, and righteousness.

Angel Raphael

This angel is endowed with healing powers. He assists in healing practice. Also, he looks upon travelers, ensuring their safe journey.

Angel Gabriel

This messenger angel is often portrayed as the Strength of God. She helps to transfer messages and communication.

Angel Uriel

Uriel is depicted as a cherub, seraph, flame of God. Uriel means the face of God. Though in the series, Uriel was killed by Lucifer. In ‘A Good Day to Die,’ Lucifer stabs them with the blade Uriel possessed to kill him. 

Amanediel appeared on the show to drag back Lucifer to hell, literally. But he was also fascinated with Earth and decided to stay.

Though Azrael is mentioned, they do not make an appearance.

Is Lucifer Morningstar an angel?

The answer to that is complicated. Yes, he was an angel. Actually, an Archangel. But now he is a fallen angel.

He was named Samael by God. In his words, he is definitely a devil who ruled hell. Though he moved to Earth. Otherwise known as Satan,  he owns a club in Los Angeles now.

Importantly, he was the brightest and most powerful of all angels. His name is derived from ‘Venus’ meaning brightest light. Though, later he came to be known as Lucifer.

His fall from grace is due to his rebellious actions. He turned angels against the god. He was jealous that God favored humans more than angels.

So the Archangel was cast out. Thus, he ruled Hell for years, gaining a ruthless reputation.

So, it remains to be seen what happens in the last season of Lucifer. But, we are pretty hyped to have it back.