Is Madison the Reason Liam Hemsworth Abrupt Decision to Divorce Miley Cyrus?? Checkout for details!!

Miley Cyrus has clearly moved on ever since the split from her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. She is now in her second relationship after ending her marriage with Liam Hemsworth.

Her first relationship has been backlashed since people have speculated that she cheated on Liam Hemsworth with Kaitlynn Carter. But later, Miley Cyrus has proved that she anything but a liar and that she did not cheat on him.

Miley Cyrus is currently dating Cody Simpson and seems happy with him.

Now coming to Liam Hemsworth, he was recently spotted with a woman in New York City’s West Village neighborhood. Some of the fans believe that the mysterious woman is Maddison Brown.

Is Madison the Reason Liam Hemsworth Abrupt Decision to Divorce Miley Cyrus?? Checkout for details!! 1
Image: Instagram

The 29-years-old actor and the 22-years-old actress were seen taking a stroll across the city as they were seen to have stopped to grab a bite to eat at the Sant Ambroeus outdoor cafe.

Maddison Brown was popularly known for her role in the TV Show Dynasty, where is plays the character of Kirby Anders. Maddison Brown was also seen against Nicole Kidman in the film Strangerland (2015).

Rumor is that the reason Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Split because Miley could not be herself when she is around Liam Hemsworth and because they met each other when they were very young, they have grown apart. Madison was neven in the picture until recently, so she doesn’t have to do anything with the divorce. 

According to an insider, Liam Hemsworth has decided to move on from Miley Cyrus because she quickly moved onto Kaitlynn Carter. An insider had disclosed to Hollywood Life that the marriage split has been very hard for Liam Hemsworth and that he was hurt very bad when he realized that Miley has moved on. The insider added that Miley has changed, and she was not the same before, and Liam could not bear to be with her anymore.

Liam Hemsworth was spotted with his family in Australia during the time he ended his marriage and stayed out of the spotlight as much as he can.