Love of its own kind!! Couple Died Thirty Three Hours Apart After Being Married For Sixty Eight Years!

This incident revolving around two old people will definitely shock and bring tears in your eyes at the same time. This couple was married for almost sixty-eight years! Surprisingly, both of them died just one day apart. Corinne Louise Johnson died first, followed by the love of her life, Robert Evan Johnson, who just died 33 hours later.

The Couple Died Just Thirty-Three Hours Apart! Their Children Wishes Them A Life Of Eternity.

This incident is truly shocking and is gaining quite a positive attention worldwide for all the right reasons. The couple Johnsons were still living together in their small Nicollet County farm home where they raised all of their seven children. Roberts’s health was declining at an alarming rate after he was diagnosed with cancer. Within some time even Corinne also suffered from congestive heart failure.

The children said that when their mother died they pulled a curtain between the two beds. Their father kept on staring at the curtain. Although Robert was supposed to survive for quite some time. One of the children is himself a cancer doctor. Bruce Johnson said that it is hard to imagine that it is a coincidence.

The couple had become each other’s support system in every way possible. The two were married for sixty-eight years. They’re loved ones said that it seems only fitting that they would both spend an eternal life together. The couple’s funeral is being held on Tuesday at the church they spent their lives attending, Scandian Grove Lutheran Church.