Calgary Police Found A Dead Body Of A Toddler At An Unlicensed Home Under Mysterious Circumstances.

Recently, the Calgary Police Service’s homicide unit is investigating the mysterious death of a toddler at an unlicensed day home. Staff Sgt. Colin Chisholm has reported that the authorities have concerned about how the twenty-one-month-old girl died.

How Did The Girl Died Under Such Mysterious Circumstances!

Moreover, the unlicensed day home is no longer operating and the owner with whom the police contacted, no longer live at the address.  This is rather a new turn in the case. The police have also informed that they are looking for people who had their kid in the day home and if they had any concerns with the day home provider. The absence of the owner has also raised suspicion and police are looking forward to dig out new details and information.

The police are looking for people who can share any information about the home, no matter positive or negative. They just want to want if there has been anything mysterious going on at the home. The incident of a little child dead in a home is quite disturbing and police are definitely looking out for answers. Police are looking for solid evidences behind the death of such a young little girl.