Lori Harvey Sets Internet Ablaze with her Scorching Bikini Picture

The American comedian, also a show host who has been a part of various big projects, Steve Harvey is known for his skills at making anyone laugh. Not only at profession, but Steve is also a kind-hearted man who has had a history of adopting kids and bringing them up all at his own cost. He is not only counted as one of the best comedians but is also known for his self-chosen social service which has only one end goal to be met, to make others happy.

Lori Harvey is one of the adopted daughters of the comedian. Aged 23, Lori is much known for her controversial acts where she is seen rebelling against her parent’s decisions and has been doing things of her self interest.

She’s usually seen around her friends and supposedly her boyfriend, Future, who Lori’s parents don’t like being with her. She became active on social media when her friend’s home was looted and was seen making tweets in condemnation and as a way to offer support to them. 



Other than her decision to move in with his boyfriend, leaving behind Steve’s new mansion, Lori has come into the limelight recently after her post on Instagram where she was wearing a bikini and had oiled her body, flaunting her curvaceous body. Her photo has been liked by her several fans who were surprised to see her oiled body. Although she has posted such pictures, wearing a bikini before, her recent post had some unique traits to being along. She was seen from a different perspective by her followers which testifies their message in the comment section at that post.


Lori knows how to keep the crown alive.