Black Mirror: The Season 6 of the Sci-Fi Series too Takes a Hit due to COVID-19. Charlie Brooker Finds the Gory and Negative Representation Difficult for Fans to Handle

A fictional story, Black Mirror is a TV series that shows what the world could be many years from now. The series has released 5 seasons and the 6th one is yet to be released. Each of the seasons comprises an average of 7-8 episodes, with every new season released a consecutive year.

The show can be streamed and watched on Netflix. Not only has it gained fans from all over the sphere of the entertainment industry, but also people who belong to other sections of work. The show has gained acceptance into the entertainment industry and has been nominated for several awards and has made a win at many. The first season got released in 2011, second in 2013, then in 2015, 2016, 2017, and the latest one, the 5th season in 2019. Fans await the release of the 6th season now.

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Any updates about the release of the 6th season?

As of now, the situation seems untamed and unpredictable when it will come to an end. As much as reports suggest, the actor of the series, Charlie Brooker has called the show much difficult to digest show for the fans due to the negativity that is shown in the show which is nothing but the regretful reality of the world that we live in. As a result, the actress hinted upon a difficulty with the release of the 6th season due to the approach it has in the minds of the viewers. Not that the series has not been liked by them, only the amount of dystopia shown is something that Charlie Brooker finds it difficult for the fans to bear with.

The Season 6 can’t be expected anytime soon owing to the circumstances. The show will take a while for the renewal.