Steve Harvey Recently Purchased a New Mansion, but Daughter Lori Harvey won’t be Joining the Family there, Upsetting the Whole Family

An American businessman and show host, Broderick Stephen Harvey is 63 years old. His career started as a comedian and he continues the same profession to date. Steven has 7 kids in total out of which 3 are adopted, however, there has been no case of him discrimination them with his blood-related kids.

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The comedian is known for his expensive mansions that he owns. One of his stepdaughters who has made enough news out of her controversial acts including a hit and run accident in 2019, where she was investigated and was accused of delaying the police investigation is Lori Harvey, aged 22 years old. She had made controversies after her relationship with the star named Future. 

The reason for retracing the past is the acts that Lori has recently committed. No one who follows or keeps a track of Steve’s day to day life is unaware of how much he loves his kids ( both the blood-related ones as well as the adopted ones). However, Lori has misused the love and affection that he had towards her. She moved in with Future into his residence in Los Angeles, leaving behind his parents who recently bought a new mansion to stay in. Not only is her act regretful due to the negligence she had towards Steve’s care for her, but also she did the same without his consent.

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The couple could never please Steve and was only repelled by him as he didn’t like Future. Being a celebrity kid, her acts pull down the love that the family had and the bond that they shared. This was at a time when Steven wanted to stay with Lori and see the entire family together at their mansion.