“Lopez is showing her ‘pole moves’!”: JLO gives pole dancing lessons to Wu in the last trailer of ‘Hustlers.’


Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted providing Constance Wu with pole dancing lessons. In Jennifer’s recent work, ‘Hustlers’, she and Wu are acting aside from each other."Lopez is showing her 'pole moves'!": JLO gives pole dancing lessons to Wu in the last trailer of 'Hustlers.' 3 Inspired by ‘The Hustlers at Scores,’ an article, Lorena Scafaria planned a movie by the name ‘Hustlers.’ This American crime and comedy movie is having Jennifer LopezKeke Palmer, Constance WuJulia StilesLili ReinhartCardi B, and Lizzo as its cast. The plot revolves around a gang of strippers being headed by an ambitious yet aging single mother. The events take place in New York City. The group of girls goes on lying, stealing, and robbing several wealthy men. During this time, a substantial financial crisis if faced by the sex industry. This intrigues a journalist who takes it to one of the culprits and investigates what went down the stream. The story is based in the late-2000s.

In a trailer released on last Friday, Ramona (being played by Lopez) is seen teaching Destiny (Wu’s character) several different moves that can be performed on the pole. A few notables moves include the Peter Pan, the stag, reverse stag, the fireman, the martini, the fairy sit, and several others. After Ramona was done showing ‘how to move,’ Destiny uttered that she did not have the required muscles to do the acts. In reply to this, Lopez (or Ramona) was mocked, “Every girl has muscles to do this.” The actor admitted that moving on the pole is “very hard,” though Lopez made it look quite effortless on screen. The mentioned that she was facing problems especially while ‘spinning’ on the pole as it for all greasy with sweats which was being cleared periodically with alcohol.

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Lopez revealed the fact that she wished to put on heels while shooting the tutorial scene and stated, “Because now you feel short instead of long and beautiful! [You feel] short and chunky.”

The film is hitting the theaters on September 13, 2019.