Leila George is set to star in Alfonso Cuaron’s new psychological series “Disclaimer”

Leila George Joins Disclaimer

Animal Kingdom’s Actor Leila Gorge is featuring in Apple TV+’s new psychological thriller series by Alfonso Cuaron, alongside Cate Blanchett whose performance is currently winning hearts of the audience in “Tar” Movie and “The Good house” Movie actor Kevin Kline.

Leila George
Credit: Actress’s Instagram

The series is an adaption of the novel “Disclaimer” written by Renee Knight; name of series is same as the book. Leila George’s full name is Leila George D’Onofrio, an Australian Actress who is known for playing younger version of Ellen Barkin’s character in Netflix’s original series Animal Kingdom.

George was featured in the Films Mortal Engines and the Kid, after getting added in Alfonso Cuaron’s Series Leila posted a screenshot of a news article related to her casting in “Disclaimer” with a caption “This project has been an absolute dream. Cast crew and everything in between. Feeling very lucky to be part of it”

Adaptation of “Disclaimer” Book by Renee Knight

Published in 2015 “Disclaimer” book by the author Renee Knight follows the story of a respected Documentary Journalist Catherine Ravenscroft, who worked in revealing the concealed transgressions of long respected institutions. George is playing the character young Catherine in the series.

Disclaimer Novel
Cover page of Novel “Disclaimer”

Kevin Kline’s character is a widower novel writer, who’s novel Catherine happens to read and realizes the story in the novel is her, a Dark secret from her past life, she thought nobody knows except her, which horrifies her so much.

Cast of “Disclaimer”

The Apple TV’s original series other cast along with Leila George includes Sacha Baron Cohen, Kodi Smit MC Phee, Hoyeon Jung, Louis Partridge and Lesley Manville.

The series is written, directed and produced by Mr. Cuaron, through his Esperanto Filmoj Production Company alongside Gabriela Rodriguez, Dawn Olmstead, Steve Golin and David Levin, Renee knight is the Co-Executive Producer of Series.