Emancipation: Will Smith hosted an “Epic” screening for Rihanna, Dave Chappelle, and Tyler Perry of this Awaited Movie

Will Smith hosted an “Epic” screening of “Emancipation,” with guests Rihanna, Dave Chappelle, and Tyler Perry

The talented actor and rapper Will Smith recently hosted a private screening for his upcoming thriller movie, “Emancipation,” and many prestigious guests were in attendance, including Rihanna and her boyfriend ASAP Rocky, Tyler Perry, celebrity stylist Fawn Boardley, music producer Corey Smyth, Kenya Barris, Dave Chappelle, writer-producer Esa Lewis, and others.

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Dave Chapelle, Rock’s Good Friend At The Screening

Among the notable visitors, Rock’s close friend Dave Chapelle drew our attention. Rock was recently slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars after his joke was not positively received by Smith, which caused a lot of controversy and resulted in Smith’s being barred from the awards for ten years. This is Smith’s first significant movie release since the slap incident.

Although it’s unclear how Dave arrived at the screening, it may be deduced that he doesn’t want to become involved in the Will-Rock dispute.

Will Smith shared a photo on Instagram with other people who attended the screening, calling it an “epic night.”

Will Smith| Emancipation
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Along with calling the group’s interaction legendary, Tyler Perry said that the Emancipation was really strong, poignant, and fascinating and also appreciated Will Smith for the amazing preview.


In the movie Emancipation, Peter (Will Smith), a slave, flees to seek his family but ends up in the path of ruthless hunters. We’ll get to watch how he deceives the hunters and makes it through the swamps till the very end. Fuqua is the director, while Smith and Jon Mon are the producers of this movie.

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Smith claimed that Emancipation was the most challenging film he had ever worked on, and he praised Apple for investing $120 million in the effort to make it such an epic film.

The film will be released on December 2nd, and it will be available on Apple TV+ on December 9th.

Here, watch the captivating and thrilling “Emancipation” teaser below.