Legal Battle Between Amber Heard & Johnny Depp; The quest is Just Getting Deeper, Dirtier, Defaced??

The legal battle between both celebs has been going on for years without any future of reconcilement or settlement. With passing moment the divorce battle is taking more murkier form. Allegations hurling at each other has become a new fad.

In Feb 2015, Depp & Amber got married after being in a relationship for a few years. That time Amber was just 28 and Depp 51 and married. Within 15 months in May 2016, the actress filed for divorce, accusing Johnny Depp of domestic violence. She blamed him for physical, verbal, and emotional abuse — photos of bruises on her face circulated on media. The accusations were denied by Depp’s legal team.

In August 2016, both mutually reached for a $7 million divorce settlement. Heard donated the entire amount to the American Civil Liberties Union, focussing particularly on women and children’s welfare.

The fresh controversy sparked in Dec 2016 when Depp requested $ 100,000 in court sanctions from Heard for unnecessary maligning his image in front of media.

In Jan 2019, Depp filed a case, The Sun, in one of their articles, referred him as a “ wife-beater.” Depp also filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard in March 2019. He accused her of doing negative publicity which impacted severely on his career. He even claimed that Heard was involved with her former boyfriend, Elon Musk, even when she was married to him.

In April 2019, Heard filed the motion to dismiss the case. She accused Depp of publicly abusing & assaulting her. In May 2019, Depp tried to clear his name through the legal process. Its been three years. Depp has decided to Subpoena James Franco and Elon Musk to clear all allegations made by Amber. But Johnny has been left defaced on the Hollywood Stroll Of Fame.!! Is the battle worth winning now?