Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock: Smiles, Glances, Crush or Love? What Is The Perfect Blend For a Great Long Lasting Friendship!!

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, the ” Speed ” co-stars, never discovered their feelings for each other till they arrived in the famous Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show. In 2018 when Bullock appeared on the talk show, Ellen mischievously asked her about Reeves during the making of the movie Speed. In reply, Bullock giggled and said: “It was hard for me to be serious because he would look at me, and I’d be like.” She confirmed they never dated maybe because maybe he didn’t like something about her.

When the same clip was shown to the Matrix star, he also acknowledged that he had a crush on her but tried to remain professional while working. He accepted that he was unaware of Bullock’s feelings towards him, but it was a joyful experience working with her. Ellen did play a prank by calling Sandra’s name, and the camera caught Keanu all nervous

Its been three decades, but the chemistry shared between two of them is still fresh in fan’s minds. People do wonder why they never saw the marvelous off-screen romance between them. No link-up rumors were heard at any time. Bullock and Reeves continued to stay in touch with each other for so many years.

They were again reunited in 2006 for a time travel romance, The Lake House. The movie was praised by fans. They like working together and have a great amount of admiration for each other.

In interviews, Sandra conveyed that Keanu is a good person, and she feels comfortable working with him. No reservation has been speculated as everyone has noticed Matrix star behaves very well with all his female co-stars by giving adequate respect. The two share a great bond, respect, and friendship, which is visible whenever the two are in front of the world.