Mortal Kombat 11 unveils the fatalities of Terminator and this is going to get brutal!

Mortal Kombat 11 unveiled a glimpse of the Terminator on October 1. And, people can barely keep calm (and their money).

The Terminator T-800 is arriving at the Mortal Kombat 11 roster. The NetherRealm Studios game will have early access on October 8. Otherwise, it will go on purchase from October 15.

Clearly, the Terminator looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The killing machine has shown some pretty impressive moves in the new trailer.

Here, T-800 is using everything to perish his enemies. Also, the teleportation powers provide an advantage to him over his enemies.

Importantly, this game is not for the weak-hearted. The Terminator brutally pounds the cyborgs to oblivion. So, you can appreciate the gruesome graphics.

The Terminator attacks his enemies with a cold mindedness. His first fatality is when he attacks the enemy and disappears. But, he reappears on a bike. And blasts the stomach of the opponent.

However, if you thought this was all, you are wrong. The second fatality is gruesome. It shows the Terminator ruthlessly attacks the enemy with kicks, punches, and smashes. 

Consequently, he blasts the knees of the opponent, destroying their legs. He fires a gun to send them in the future. Though the future is not safe and the enemy is killed by the cyborgs. Additionally, the Terminator gives a thumbs up(!) 

Woah, this is getting interesting!

Have you seen the endoskeleton Terminator? It means the opponent would not be spared. However, the endoskeleton mode activates when the life source is less than 30%. So, it can be used only once in a while.

Subsequently, the Mortal Kombat trailer also reveals new skins. Harley Quinn is one of the inspirations. The early access would provide fans with DLC characters. And their skins plus 19 new additional skins.

The names of the fatalities have not been revealed, but we are hoping that they suit the moves.