Lee Jong Hyun of CNBLUE deletes his Instagram account!: Gets backlash for messages sent to Youtuber, Park Min Jung.


CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun has deleted his Instagram. The singer deleted his Instagram account at around 4 pm KST. Fans and followers when trying to see his Instagram profile are shown, that the page is no longer available. The critics and fans are assuming that the singer decided this after receiving a lot of criticism and backlash from fans and Instagram members alike over a chat that he had on Instagram with YouTuber Park Min Jung.

Lee Jong Hyun.

Park Min Jung shared how she received a message in her Instagram DMs from Lee Jong Hyun who wrote to her saying that he enjoyed watching her YouTube videos and encouraged her to keep making and putting up such fun content on her YouTube channel.

Park Min, Jung.

The controversy and backlash originated from the text where Lee Jong Hyun is also seen saying that “Your belly fat is so cute.” This manner of body shamming and personal comment has led many to call out the singer.

Lee Jung Hyun, who is currently serving in the military, has previously also been called out for reportedly receiving sexual videos of women in a one on one chatroom with Jung Joon Young. Jung Hyun’s military service will end in 2020, and he will be discharged in March. A statement has been released on these allegations stating how the singer is aware of his misconduct and the criticism which is reflecting over his actions, and he is embarrassed about the same. A statement released stating, “He will be careful about all of his words and actions as a public figure, and he will reflect and accept the consequences of his wrongdoings.”

Lee Jong-Hyun is the lead guitarist and the second vocalist of the four-member band called CNBLUE. Known for his brooding public image, Jong-Hyun has fans both in South Korea and worldwide.


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