Will Diana Apologize to Harry in Anne with an E season 4? Read to find out along with more spoilers.

Anne with an E, a must-watch series. A Canadian drama series has gained a good place in the hearts of its viewers. The series, although had slight differences in between is now cancelled for its 4th season. The series can be watched on Netflix, confirmed news after the confusion in the same regards.


The premiere of the series was in 2017, the second season released a year later in 2018 and the third in 2019 which is also the latest season. The story would have taken up from that season and would be coming with the 4th season until it got cancelled afterwards. T

The plot of the story


The story revolves around an adopted girl named Anne who was found at the orphanage and had worked as a servant at several places. When Anne gets adopted by Mathew and Marilla, she has to face difficulties in the due course of her presence as she isn’t accepted by many in her life, be it at school or home. She had to prove herself with her thinking ability to gain acceptance in the community she dwelled in.

Where can I watch the series?


CBC announced its partnership coming to an end in 2019 with Netflix after they had taken into consideration the long term benefits for their domestic reach in the industry. This was at short duration, nearly a day after the ending of season 3. 

What will the story be in the upcoming episodes?


A major question that remains on everyone’s mind is whether Diana will apologize to Jerry for her misbehavior with him. This is something that would be worth a wait so that one can see the secret unfold in phases and see the method in which that would take place in the course of the movie.