Late Actor John Callahan’s Ex- Wife Eva LaRue Made A Bold Claim Of The Actor’s Identity Being Stolen During A House Burglary!

While the whole acting fraternity mourned the death of actor John Callahan, his ex-wife made a bold statement saying that the late actor’s identity has been stolen! Let us take a closer look at the details of this severe allegation.

Late Actor John Callahan’s Identity Has Been Stolen During A House Burglary!

Apparently, Callahan’s ex-wife Eva LaRue claimed that shortly after the actor passed away back in March, his identity was stolen in a home burglary! During this burglary, explained Eva, the thief stole the actor’s possessions. The aftermath of the identity theft was also quite troublesome for the whole family.

La Rue opened up about the actor passing away and how very sad it is for her and their daughter, Kaya. Tue tress has explained the whole thing as a roller coaster as it is not only their eighteen years old daughter who is grieving hard but Eva is also grieving in her own separate way.

His Ex-Wife Has Recalled The Whole Incident As A Nightmare!

Just after Callahan’s death, they had to suffer through a terrible house burglary and the person ended up stealing Callahan’s identity, his car, and his laptop as well. As a result, these people have been taking out credit cards and loans in the late actor’s name.

La Rue has recalled the whole incident as a nightmare. The family is already going through a grave loss and the aftermath has been terrible in this critical situation. In this critical situation, they had to handle a whole mishap amidst the family going through such a terrible personal loss. We sure hope the family soon finds a solution and the whole chaos is over soon enough.