Lalal Kent claims she dinged Cent’s ego and he is hurting hers for revenge!! Checkout for details!

Lala Kent, 29 told WWHL that she had got receipts to prove that is had ‘dinged’ 50 Cent’s ego and now he is hurting hers for revenge. This happened when Lala Kent and Randall Emmett feuded with the rapper. The good side about the whole incident is that she won’t ever reveal or post them.

During the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on September 12 appearance, the Vanderpump Rules star was asked about where she stands with 50 with the fact that now her Fiancé Randall Emmett has paid all of his debts of $1 million to the rapper. The things would have been cool between the trios, but this is not the story, and she ruffled up some feathers.

Lala said that the whole thing is she dinged up Cent’s ego observing the effect on Cent after she called him out on Instagram during their feud in April. She told that she knows she dinged his ego because she has receipts to prove that, but she would never post them up in the social media because she is not that type of a girl who posts everything. She further said that she ain’t beefing’ unless she would be getting paid on Vanderpump.

The host Andy Cohen then after hearing the facts followed up with the question that is there anything Lala Kent is proud of getting in the skin of the rapper? And then with a gush of excitement, she exclaimed that she is from Utah!

And the fact is that when she claimed that she had got receipts that she Dinged Cent’s ego, he simply replied and commented that what’s wrong with the h**, and now don’t say that she didn’t ask for such talks about her.

After that, 50 accused Lala of being just a drunk lady, and she once was drunk for four days in a row.