Did Beverly Hills stars Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green actually date during the show?

Throughout Beverly Hills, 902010‘s ten-season run, Donna Martin and David Silver had an on-again-off-again relationship. They were a couple that fans couldn’t help but root for. Their chemistry was irresistible, and fans are rooting for them.

Obviously, when actors share amazing camaraderie on-screen, it can translate into an off-screen relationship, right?  Both the actors are married now, but did Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green date back during the shows run?

The cast of Beverly Hills
Credit: The Guardian

Their Journey Through the Show

They were never really an official couple, but the chemistry between them was indeed real. Once, on a 2015 episode of Lifetime’s Celebrity Lie Detector, Spelling took a lie detector test. The host, Lousie Roe, asked Tori if she had any sexual relations with her co-stars from the show. To which Spelling admitted that she did!

Then Roe got very specific and asked if it was Brian Austin Green. And Spelling confirmed that it was. She confessed further, saying she hoped that “he liked me.”

Both Spelling and Green were never boyfriend and girlfriend, though they did have a very deep relationship. During a panel at RewindCon in 2016, Spelling shared that both cried real tears when filming the finale.

She further revealed that since both of them had grown up together in 10 years, they actually wrote their characters’ wedding vows.

The bond that both shared was really special. Tori Spelling actually told her costar, Jennie Garth, that she believed she was in love with Green as the shoot neared. At the time, Garth told her, “You’ll be over it tomorrow.”

So even though Spelling and Green did not have a romantic relationship, there was definitely more to their connection than simply being co-stars. There were love and respect for each other. And yes, an attraction behind-the-scenes.

Beverly Hills, 90210 follows the lives of a group of friends living in the high-end community of Beverly Hills, California.