La Casa De Papel: The Interesting and Intriguing Love Story of Tokyo and Rio that Changed the Entire Fate of the Heist

Check out the love story of one of the first couples in Netflix’s hit show La Casa De Papel, aka Money Heist. 

Tokyo, played by Ursula Corbero, and Rio, played by Miguel Herran, met and fell in love while they were living with the other potential bank robbers at the Professor’s secret hideout. In Season 1 and 2, they go through many life-changing events but have managed to stay together till the end. But that is going to change soon enough.

What’s in the cards for their future?

Season 3 picks off from Tokyo and Rio, spending time in their favorite spot, but later, Rio gets caught by the Panama authorities, and Tokyo decides to call the old gang together for yet another grand heist. In the finale of season 3, they reunite after the gang provides some hostages in exchange for Rio. The couple breaks up as Tokyo believed that there was no life ahead for them, and all they could do was cherish the good times that they had. She also revealed to Rio that she cheated on him with Denver, and he got very upset about it. He had a hard time believing it, but in the end, they broke up.

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After this whole ordeal, Rio sees no promising future with Tokyo anymore. Neither does he forgive her for what she had done. On the other hand, Tokyo is currently torn between Rio and Denver. In season 4, seeing the two reunite might be a bit of a long shot.

Season 4 has released on Netflix on April 3rd. Check it out to know how the relationship between the two has turned out. In fact, with the way season 4 has ended, we can expect a season 5 as well.