La Casa De Papel “Money Heist” returning with season 4 and here are 6 things you need to know before you start watching!!

La casa de Papel in Spanish and Money Heist in English is one of the record-breaking Spanish language teen-drama series. This record-breaking drama is now going to be renewed for its fourth season.

In the first two seasons of the Money Heist, the story followed well-planned changes to the Royal Mint of Spain. Madrid introduces a gang full of personalities and full of color, taking hostages to print the money and escape along with it. But after the release of the third season, the story follows as a group of teens reunites to steal valuable gold from the Bank of Spain. The teens’ gang also prepares itself to escape from the cops without leaving a trace or a clue.

But the finale of season 3 ended up in a cliff hanger, and since forever, people are waiting for the fourth season to roll out.

Six facts to go through before starting the 4th season are:

  1. La Casa De Papel, a Spanish heist television series was created by Álex Pina, which revolves around a long-prepared, multiple-day assault on the Royal Mint of Spain.

2. Nairobi, who is played by Alba Flores, gets shot during a robbery and this leads the remaining characters from the show to try everything to save her. Fans are highly expecting to see her season 4.

3. Still, the stories behind each character are not revealed yet. With the announcement of season four, people are anticipating deep and horrible pasts of the show’s characters.

4. Even though the gang is impressively armed with rocket launchers and all, everyone is hoping to see the gang escape as perfectly as their plan is. More importantly, they want to see the gang escape with its full number with no deaths.

4. The traitor, Raquel Murillo had created a huge fuss when the love interest of professor joined the gang later as she was first supposed to be an inspector.

6. The cunning Government agent, Alicia Sierra, was expected to meet her downfall in the fourth season of Money Heist, as all her tactics are expected to fail.