La Brea: NBC Begins Shooting for its Sci-fi Series’ Season 2 in Australia on a Massive Scale

Disaster-Action series La Brea second season coming back to action

If you are also waiting for La Brea Season 2 like us then your wait is going to be over soon as its production has started in Australia.

Also, the Australian federal government handled $11.5 million to the NBC hit disaster-action series. On Monday, Paul Fletcher, who happens to be Australia’s federal communications minister, announced the move. He also said that the shooting of the film will resume in the state of Victoria. But the time of filming is still not known.

Series production will help in boosting the economy

Fletcher also told the media that filming this new season in Victoria would boost the economy by $83.1 million and create around 390 jobs for Australian cast and crew members. This will also benefit the local business. According to him, 800 local traders’ services can be used which will help them in all possible ways. The first season created 475 jobs and gained $60.2 million which is less than the present estimate.

NBC renewed the show in November last year. Let’s find more about the show in this post.

La Brea season 2

What is the series about 

The series follows the story where a huge sinkhole suddenly opens up in Los Angeles. This sinkhole transports dissimilar strangers into the primitive world. Where on one side world is trying to figure out the mystery, on the other, a family shakes from this disaster. They must discover the secrets of the shocking events in order to get back together with each other.

The first season of La Brea was broadcast on 21 September 2021 with seven episodes. Following its popularity, NBC soon renewed the next season in two months. The show also won a People’s Choice Award nomination for the Favourite Science-Fiction/Fantasy Show.

The season 2 release date is not yet scheduled. But we can accept it to release somewhere in fall 2022.

Until the second season arrives, you can watch La Brea Season 1 on NBC.