Kung Fu panda Might Be Coming Back For Some More Fighting Lessons In The Fourth Film. Check out to get more details on the upcoming movie.

After Po was happily reunited with his long lost family, it seemed like everything ended on a happy fairytale-like way. However, it seems like Kung Fu master Po isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We might be seeing yet another film.

Kung Fu Panda Can Be Returning With A Brand New Fourth Film. Here’s What We Know.

The Kung Fu franchise has been confirmed to have a total of six movies. Out of these six movies, fans have delighted with 3 deliveries leaving the future for three more.

However, as reports are doing the round the filming of the fourth film can be delayed until this year. Considering the fact that the Kung Fu Panda franchise has been a box office success although the three films, the producers won’t be canceling the upcoming film.

Moreover, as we saw in the last film that Po has become the ultimate master and also found out about his true origin. Although it seemed like the film has met its closure, there is still much to watch in the film franchise. While the future of the fourth film is still kept under wraps, we are sure Jack Black will return as the invincible yet goofy Po. The other casts will also return in their respective roles.

We might see that now that Po has become a powerful master who has attained Chi and impressed his master and everyone around. He also reunited with his estranged father and also decided to stick around his other father as well. He also met other pandas in the land of pandas.We might see the master take on some more bad guys in the new film or maybe a new quest is awaiting Po.