Peter Weber has chosen his final four ladies on ‘The Bachelor’. Who is it going to be at the end? Read to know more details.

This week, Peter Weber’s last six hopefuls were trimmed down to four, who might, in the long run, go on to old neighbourhood dates.

On the whole, the pilot was joined by Kelley Flanagan, Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, Natasha Parker, Kelsey Weier and Victoria Fuller on one of their last universal stops in Lima, Peru.

“Peter, take me to some alpacas,” Flanagan told the cameras.

Their outing began inside the competitors’ inn suite, where Weber made a trip to strengthen his expectations and pledge to the procedure. Not long after, a date card landed for Prewett, allowing her second one-on-one of the period.

In the meantime, Parker — the main competitor who had not gotten an individual date — communicated her mistake for being ignored once more.

“He understands that it bothers me,” she said. “I couldn’t fathom taking him home without that one-on-one time.”

“Faith is more than just a passed down thing to me,” she told him. “It’s literally my whole life and all of who I am. I want in a marriage someone who also has that relationship with the lord and loves that about me and wants to raise a family in that way. I do want to know that we’re able to be on the same page with that and push each other in that way.”

Prewett and Weber hobnobbed investigating the city of Lima, which worked to the night part of the date. It was there that she accepted the open door to examine one of the most significant factors throughout her life and one of the least talked about on the establishment: religion.


The four remaining women will spend next week introducing Weber to their families, in each of their respective hometowns.