Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima have again lit up their relationship rumors. Check out for more details..

Are Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima back together? This was the question that took social media by storm. They were spotted holding hands a year after their breakup. They were also spotted on what appeared to be a romantic date. She is often seen with him even though he publicly slut-shamed her on Instagram and also repeatedly cheated on her while on a trip to Mexico.

Anyways, it looked like someone on the Kardashian’s PR team wanted to bury the rumors of Kourtney, 40 and Younes, 26. An insider shared that Kourtney and Younes have always been in touch and friendly with each other. They remained friendly even after their breakup. Younes have been to Kourtney’s birthday and have hung out with her a few times recently in social settings. He asked her to get lunch or dinner with him this week, and she accepted.

They had a fun day together and they still share a romantic bonding. Kourtney wants to be in a relationship but she knows that the relationship will not work. We can conclude that they are hooking together and on the same hand are not dating, right?

The Keeping Up star and the model started their love story in the spring of 2017 and were later seen packing on the PDA at his 24th birthday party. Reportedly, Younes was also with Kourtney the night of Kim’s horrifying robbery at Paris Fashion Week. They have then been seen spending and trolling locations, including France, the Bahamas, Mexico, and Egypt.

Well, whether they confess it or not, it is quite impossible to believe , that they are not in a relationship. They might need some time and space to deal with it. After they would feel the stability, they would announce it as well. There is no doubt that the couple looks adorable.