Happy Batman Day! Director Matt Reeves celebrates Annual Batman Day.

Director Matt Reeves posts about Dark Knight Celebrations from London.

Happy Birthday, Batman!

It was the annual celebration of the DC’s Dark Knight; a day to commemorate the Caped Crusader. As the day was rolling and appreciation for the DC comic widely loved superhero was pouring in, director Matt Reeves too joined the bandwagon.

He took Twitter to post about Batman’s 80th Birthday. He posted a picture of Bat-signal proudly glowing on the side of a building in London, captioned “Happy #BatmanDay from London!” though it’s an old image from Warner Bros. PR, his emotions came through with the post.

Fans below his post, queried Matt about the upcoming Batman series as he will be at the helm of the next batman feature that will star Robert Pattinson in the iconic role. Unfortunately for fans, it seems that Matt will not be revealing any updates anytime soon.

What is Batman Day?

Batman Day is the day to celebrate the arrival of the splendid Caped Crusader, who kept people of Gotham safe for years, in DC Comics Universe decades ago. Every year, Bat-signal shines in various cities globally to officially begin the day and celebrate one of the most renowned superheroes ever. It is celebrated every year on September’s third Saturday.

Batman Day Celebrations globally took place on 21st September.

The next Batman Live-Action Feature

It was announced in May this year that Twilight fame Robert Pattinson will don the Batsuit now for Matt Reeves’ version of the Dark Knight which will hit theatres in 2021. The decision had visibly shocked a large section of fans however the studio was absolute about the decision.

The former Batman, Christian Bale had a piece of wisdom for Pattinson when he was asked about him. He advised to make Batman as his own and not to listen to naysayers. Citing Heath Ledger’s example who is our iconic Joker, he further said that people were against when he was chosen to portray Joker, but now rave about his brilliant performance. Finally, he ended by praising the actor “Don’t listen to those guys, do his own thing. He’s a fascinating actor, he’s a great choice.”

This Year’s Celebration!

Bat-Signal gleamed on a building in Johannesburg to celebrate Batman Day.

This year’s Batman day was celebrated on 21st September and held extra significance as it marked 80 years since crime-fighting vigilante’s first arrival in the DC Comics in the year 1939. The first-ever comic featuring Batman was released in New York exactly 80 years ago. A comic and character that became and continues to remain every child’s favorite.

Bat-Signal shone at WB studies in California to mark the 80th anniversary of Batman.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. lit up the night sky with Bat-Signal. The bat signal shone in more than 11 cities to mark the carnival globally. It was beamed onto buildings in Melbourne, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, São Paulo, New York, Montreal, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and London. The final signal beamed at Warner Bros. studio in California.