Know about Gamora, the fierce fighter and daughter of the mad Titan, Thanos

Every character of the Marvel Comics is well recognized by the fans as well as the public. However, after the curtain-raiser of characters in the movies of MCU, the popularity of characters heightened too much. Among them, one of the well-known characters is Gamora.

Gamora Zen is one of the famous characters in the Marvel comic book and movies. Although the introduction of Gamora was first made in a Strange tell.  However, the credit of creating Gamora goes to the writer Jim Starlin.

Gamora is not real but adopted daughter of Thanos. She evolved as the last member of her variety. She also has the power to stimulate the healing factor. In the Galaxy, no one can defeat Gamora as she is trained by the Titan himself.  She is also a group member of the Infinity Watch.

Marvel Cinematic (MCU) exhibits the character of comic books into the real world in the form of movies. Zoe Saldana got the opportunity to play the role of Gamora in Guardian of Galaxy, Avenger: Infinity War, and also in Avenger: Endgame which released in the previous year.

Background of Gamora :

Gamora is the last person of Zenwhoberies species. Thanos found her as a juvenile and accepted her as a daughter. On the other hand, Thanos wanted to use Gamora to kill Warlock, a future edition of Adam Warlock. However, when she was competent in martial arts, she got the nickname ‘deadliest woman in the Whole galaxy’. Hence, she rose up as one of the most skilled characters in the Marvel Universe.


It is expected that Gamora will not be present in the upcoming Guardians’ movie. She was nowhere to be found after the epic battle between the Earth heroes and Thanos. However, it is confirmed that the storyline of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 will be around Green Skinned Warrior.