Killer Queen Black: Know everything about the New Version of the Game..

90 Killer Queen became a sensation in the urban gaming circle right after its release in the year 2013. The ten-player competitive game was a massive success and it soon gained a large crowd of cult followers. This Friday (11th of October), a new and enhanced version of the game released for Switch and on Steam. The new version is called the Killer Queen Black.

Now comes the question if Killer Queen Black would be able to win the hearts of the fans like its predecessor. Well, Killer Queen Black is cute retro looking yet strategically dense with a fierce competitive bent.

Killer Queen Black: Know everything about the New Version of the Game.. 5

Unlike its predecessor, the game Killer Queen Black is now an eight-player game, instead of ten, comprising of two teams with four players- having three ‘workers’ and one ‘queen’. Each of the game’s maps consists of several platforms, like, a slow-moving snail, hive with many holes, berries that fit into those holes and transformation portals that can grant workers special abilities like, a sword or speed.

A team can win Killer Queen Black in three ways,
• killing the enemy queen three times
• stuffing their hive full of berries
• riding the snail across the map into their goal.

To prevent the opposition team from winning, one must see to it that they learn to spawn-camp enemies to prevent them from gathering too many berries. Also, we need to prevent to bait out a queen’s attacks while an enemy drags the snail through your team’s goalposts. While playing as a ‘queen’, things that one must be careful of are, opposing worker riding a snail, pursuing the other ‘queen’, protection of own workers as well as own life.

Killer Queen Black: Know everything about the New Version of the Game.. 6

The best part about the Killer Queen Black is that everything can be viewed on the screen. You can view the attack capabilities of each ‘worker’, a number of berries collected by the opposite team, the lives of the queen left and also the progress of the snail towards the goal.

All in all, Killer Queen Black is a blast, either way, whether you play against an A.I. controlled bot or online against a team of players.