French Cosplay star’s costume banned from London Comic Con after She faces Accusations of being Blackface

EuroCosplay champion bars French Cosplay star Alice Livanart from wearing costume worth 2700 Euro in the finals after she faces accusations of being blackface. The decision has created a divide among the netizens- those in favor of the decision and those against it.

Alice Livanart won the French Cosplay Cup this September, dressing up as League of Legends Pyke. Next, Livanart was going to participate at the EuroCosplay Championships on the 26th of October, at MCM Comic Con in London. The EuroCosplay Championships pits the winners of Cosplay against each other from 25 European countries.

But now Livanart’s Pyke costume has been barred from participation after netizens accuse her of insensitiveness and racism. In a statement, EuroCosplay stated that their team is looking for alternative options that can allow them to let her compete. However, they have clarified that they will not allow Livanart’s Pyke costume to appear.

A EuroCosplay spokesperson said that they hear and appreciate all the concerns regarding the costume of one of their finalists. He confirmed that the cosplay in question will not be appearing in the event. He added that their team apologizes for any offense caused and they are currently reviewing all of the terms and conditions to make sure that they are clearer to avoid any further confusion in the future.

The decision of EuroCosplay divided the netizens into two groups, those supporting the decision and those against the decision. An online debate sparked as people came up to show their support for the decision, while others criticized the decision.

Discussing the issue, Livanart told BBC that she “understands” those who criticized her for the costume but she also explained that there is a difference between cosplay and blackface. She said that she does not deny the existence of blackface and added that Pyke is not blackface.