OMG!!! Iron man is alive. Fans have probably found proof that Tony Stark is alive in Avengers: Endgame.

Almost every Marvel fan was left disheartened after witnessing the death of their beloved Ironman in Avengers: Endgame. And because we even saw Tony Stark’s gravestone at the end of the movie, we cannot at all conjecture that he might not be dead. But some Marvel fans on Reddit don’t quite agree to this, at least not in the way you would expect.

This Wednesday, a Reddit user Ankitvishwakarma posted that he conjectures Ironman might not be dead. He wrote, “TONY STARK is backed up in the form of an A.I.! Possible proofs from ENDGAME. Endgame’s seen no one noticed.” So according to this fan, though Ironman’s corporeal self is dead, he might exist as a stream of zeros and ones in some computer network. And there was proof of this at the end of the Endgame movie, which most of us failed to notice.

We know that in the last scene of the Endgame, Morgan, and Pepper sit viewing a hologram of Tony being projected from Mark LXXXV’s helmet, which he made before his death. The Reddit user questions, what if this is more than just a hologram, because the hologram Tony is perfectly aware of the people in the room, and is also able to make proper eye contact with Morgan when he tells that he “loves her 3000”.

Interestingly, there is a precedent of the A.I. Tony in the 2015 Ironheart comics. The storyline of the comic involves Tony backing himself up in the cloud. Further in the comic, a device containing Tony’s A.I. is shipped to Riri Williams who creates a second armor and comes up with her superhero alias of Ironheart.

Moreover, there have been rumors of Robert Downey Jr. showing up in some capacity in Black Widow. Yet there isn’t much of chance of Downey’s return anytime soon, but we know there remains a void left where once Ironman fitted. Now we might question if we will ever see the A.I. version of Tony in the future. As of now, we can only say that the answer to the question is known only to Kevin Fiege and crew.