Keri Hilson’s career took a sharp turn after one major event! What was it?

Career started at the age of 14, Keri Hilson kicks started her career and had the aim to become popular everywhere in the entertainment industry. Hailing from a family that was into music, she was attracted to the same. Her career was started soon and was taken off well, however, what happened later was unpredictable.

Having left her education in between, she was all set to make a career in the singing industry. Her career didn’t turn out how she wanted it to be. Something went extremely south in her relationship. There were rumors of her making comments on other singer’s careers. 

What happened to her career?

After having made controversial comments, she gave justifications to them, however, it was too late to summon the bad. Her nature made her career sink even more than what it could have ever reached.

Her name started trending on Twitter after she made twitter posts about sensitive issues and her insecurity that was increasing with the other actors/ performers. She made a comment on Beyonce that was troubling her and that raged her fans to make her life miserable. She was accused and attacked by Beyonce’s fans that she was forced to post an apology to the co-singer on whom she had made those statements. Her career was scrutinized to such an extent that her songs were starting to leak.

Her acceptance in the music industry was no lesser than an impossible dream. She later moved to act where she was not left either. Fans who were against her trolled her more after that decision which she made. She had to clarify that she no longer had any beef with anyone whom she did in the past over many years ago.