Selena Gomez upset over the statement made by Justin Bieber! What was it that broke Jelena forever??


Some experiences teach men tons in life. Some of them are pleasant lessons, while some are painful and are tough to get over. Everyone who has been following Hollywood from the past few years must have heard about the relationship that Selena and Justin Bieber had with each other.

The two were spotted many times while they were 16 and 18 each respectively. Their couple has been one of the hot topics in the industry, where whenever there were lists about the top couples, their names would usually pop on it. The two had a great time until they succumbed to misunderstandings and the two had to break up. After that, the two had moved on with great difficulties. While Justin was dating Haley after their separation, Selena was trying her best to overcome the aftermaths by listening to music that could comfort her and that was her coping up mechanism.

What was the reason for their breakup?

The two had different reasons, while fans believe that Justin had to go out with Haley, Selena had to call it an emotional abuse on her by Justin. They haven’t made the reason public yet with confirmation by both of them, all that we know is the two are no longer together and once the best couple is now separated for a long time.

What made the limelight in recent times?

The confession that Justin made about Selena that he used to love her and afterward he had to move on by liking his wife, Haley was the statement made by Justin which made Selena upset and she took some time to overcome the pain that was caused to her due to that. Once they were in a special relationship that later shattered into pieces.