Who is Kenshin Himura? Read about this Anime character and our review on it.

Himura Kenshin, the well known legendary ace hitokiri of the Meiji Revolution, Himura Battosai is the ultimate star cast and the famous character of the Rurouni Kenshin series. Kenshin has almost spent ten years of traveling in Japan as a Rurouni in search of redemption, picking up a sakabato with the vow to never blood his hands. In 1878, he stepped in Tokyo and took a hut on rent at the Kamiya Doja, where his vow was tested positive as he fights to bring in the country’s peace.

The 28 years peacekeeper is it thin built; medium heightened fair looking man. The most differentiating identification he carries is the third red hair of back length with a ponytail. The iconic cross scar on his left cheek is what makes his look serious.

The dressing sense of the anime character is not so bright as his personality. Usually, he wears plain kimono of cheap, worn cloth along with a white umanori hakama, zori, and white tabi.

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In various episodes, his kimono keeps changing color that is from red, purple to blue.

He used to have a soft-spoken personality with Serene and humbleness. He Is a social man who likes to set an example for society and give the chance to set a foot forward. People living around him why referred to as “dono” by him. He is a friendly person who takes care of the air of his people. The anime character never hesitates to shield his people from the enemies. He has got the personality; the charms convince any of the people in any situation.

He wore the shirt of reputation among his colleagues. The acute appreciation he developed leads him to take a worth, not to kill an individual even if the situation demands.

The defining vow of Kenshin’s personality motivates his transition into a new world of serving the nation on a peace agreement.