Kristin Chenoweth reveals some juicy details on her sex life with boyfriend Josh Bryant! You would definitely want to give this a read!

While celebs are keeping their and all updated about their quarantine activities through their social media handles, this celeb has a hilarious detailing of what she is up to. Let us take a look at how this celeb talks about a rather personal question.

Take A Look At What Kristin Chenoweth Has To Say About Ger Life With Josh Bryant! Have a Look.

Apparently, star Kristin Chenoweth is enjoying a rather great’ sex life in lockdown with her handsome guitarist boyfriend Josh Bryant. The whole thing was revealed when asked about it while appearing on Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen.

While the celeb said that a lady certainly doesn’t kiss and tell for sure but it sure has been great! She was also asked about the overwhelming reaction from fans on seeing to Josh when he and Kristin featured together on Rosie O’Donnell’s Livestream in March.  Take a look at the video where the two are performing a heartfelt song together with fans pouring in comments of how adorable the pair looks.

The Pair Also Performed A Song In A Short Instagram Video! Have a Look.

The celeb joked and said it was great to see all these people wanting her man but all these people can surely back out. The two have been going out for quite some time now and the romance sparked right back in 2018.

All the celebs are doing something or the other to make the most of this sudden lockdown situation with all these extra time in their hands. Everyone is either baking or singing or planting plants while some are inculcating new talents. These videos are keeping fans entertained for sure!