Kelly Preston is no more after fighting a long battle with breast cancer. We mourn her loss.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta have has something more than love for each other. The two have supported each other irrespective of their challenges ahead in life. The former an actress, aged 57 had a fate that she had never desired for. Her struggle against breast cancer is not hidden from anyone.

Although she kept her struggle to herself and didn’t disclose it to others, her fans were aware of the challenges ahead in her life. Tweeted by John, she had left the earth this morning after her 2-year long journey battling cancer. Fans were taken down at that sad piece of news. He declared it on Instagram where their fans had expressed their pain at experiencing that loss. Not only was she an artist, but also a brave woman who had a love story that isn’t hidden from anyone.

How have her last moments been?

Having suffered from cancer from 2018, the actress made sure not to have any public appearance after the diagnosis. The last time the couple was seen together was at a red carpet event when the couple was spotted together. After that, the actress hasn’t made public appearances as much as she would formerly.

Her husband had supported her more than anyone else in helping her adapt to the life that she had voluntarily chosen for herself. Life got harsh on the couple after the actress left the world, leaving a trail of fans admiring her skills as for the future to come ahead. The year has shown the heights of bad that it could have ever made to. Another gem from the world left us with memories and nothing more than that. Her fans and family need support to overcome this phase of their life.