You f****** haymakered me’: Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of attacking him after he was in a bad mood on her birthday party for losing $650 million!

Amber Heard, wife of the Pirates of the Carribean actor, Jhonny Depp got a restraining order against him. No sooner did this happen, than the actor started accusing Amber Heard of Haymakering him. A legal session of their case was held in the court yesterday, 13 July 2020. And a secret recording of the court room went viral which tends to be the source of this news.

Heard has put allegations of domestic violence on Jhonny Depp. Whereas, in today’s high court session in London, 57 years old Depp gave some evidence in his favour. 34 years old Amber on the other hand demands for justice from the court.

There was an article in the Sun Publisher news group newspaper during the time when Depp was started abusing in 2018. An article from the same called him to be wife beater. It is said that the actor always used to attack and hit his wife.

Heard has put the allegation that the actor made her fear for her life. And Depp on the other hand said that it is a choreographed hoax. He also spoke on the incident that happened in the 30th birthday party of Heard. For that he explained that he came there after a bad meeting. He was very upset because of losing around $650 million due to his ex manager.

Heard and Depp both were spotted arriving at the court separately. Moreover, Heard was also photographed at Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. It’s the place where she is staying until the legal procedure goes on.

Jhonny Depp has already presented many evidences in the court. It is said that his ex- fiancee Winona Ryder will attend the court hearing through a video conference and tell the court that he has never been voilent.