Even the judge has humiliated pedophile R Kelly and denied his request for release three times! Read for more details.

You must have heard famous phrase, Every  Shiny Thing isn’t a Diamond; this is implacable for almost all industries especially, The Film Industry. Be it Bollywood or Hollywood this thing is visible in both the industry.


Robert Sylvester Kelly or R. Kelly, is a well known American singer. During to his ego his put down a summon from the judge. He is stressed over his wellbeing because of this coronavirus pandemic and thinks that he is at on the verge of contracting the disease, yet his appeal is rightly denied by Judge Ann Donnelly.

A point to be noted here is that, Kelly is jailed in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago because of numerous sexual harrassment cases as well as allegations on him. The Bureau of Prison express that there are 18 affirmed dynamic instances of covid 19 in the prison. Kelly is feeling high hazard for his life there. His legal advisor contended clinical reports and show he is likely “diabetic,” yet Judge Ann Donnelly stated.


“The judge didn’t accept prediabetes present a convincing purpose behind the respondent discharged.”

Kelly and his attorney isn’t content with the appointed authority’s  judgement. Three times the appeal is rejected. This 53-year-old American artist is confronting the charges in four separate locales in Chicago, New York, and Minnesota.

In New York, he is charged for misusing his name and indulge in unlawful sex. He even kidnapped youngsters for the same.


As far as Chicago is concerned, here he was charged for having intimate relations with a youngster and leaked her tape. On the top of that, he even used his power to violate the rules. New York and Chicago charges are booked for September and October, individually.