Katie Holmes is pregnant again. Father of the child- Ex-husband or rumored Boyfriend?

An amazing actress and a popular fashion diva Katie Holmes is pregnant again. The ex-wife of famous Hollywood star Tom Cruise has been dating Jamie Foxx for the past six years. Tom and Katie already have a beautiful daughter, Suri. She is staying with Katie nowadays.

Lately, the news of the pregnancy of Kaite Holmes has been on fire, and fans were really concerned and excited at the same time. After some days, it was confirmed by herself that she is expecting a baby by sharing a photograph with pregnancy stretch marks on her lower belly.

She wrote that her body is her pride, and there is nothing to hide, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Youngsters started to look up to her, and she became an ideal source of inspiration for them when she shared the message of being yourself and being real.

Sources also revealed that Katie had decided long back that she would have a sibling for her daughter. But the real question that is floating in the minds of fans is, Who is the Father?

As Katie and Jamie had been in a relationship for six years, people often suspect Jamie being the Father of the child. The relationship was kept extremely private from the industry and the rest of the world. Both were seen together in Met Gala, last year. Hence it’s obvious to think that Jamie might be the father.

Katie and Jamie are not together, and it been a year. They have no connection with each other since last year. Jamie has announced that he is with Sela Valve. Some sources also said the Katie and Jamie were never together. So, there are a lot of rumors running around, and waiting for the new facts to get revealed is the best thing we could do right now.