Is Tom Cruise’s Ex-wife in Financial Crisis and Need Support and Assistance? Find Out the Whole Story Below.

Katie Holmes who is ex-wife of Tom Cruise is rumored to be broke and struggling with money. She is 41, and was also stared for the movie “Batman Begins”. She is running out of money and therefore having trouble in making ends meet. But now the more important question here is “is all of it true or it is just rumored?”

As it may seem all of this is true because Katie recently has sold her mansion in Los Angles for $6 million. According to the NW reporter she sold her house in order to have easy cash on her hand. Apparently this is not the only house she has decided to sell. It has been even reported that she is selling her home in Calabasas for almost an amount of $4 million.



According to the reports major source of income for Katie is highly unstable. In fact because of this pandemic hitting world-wide some of her projects has either been cancelled or been postpone. As a result she is really in a tight financial situation right now. Even a source who is close to her has reported that she has pretty lavish lifestyle. She likes to wear expensive clothes and is also a fan of big brands.



Plus, she also has to take care of her daughter Suri Cruise who’s education also costs a lot. Like $56000 only for her education. She is also paying her monthly rent of $25000 in New York.  Resulting, this all goes out of her source of income and is not possible to cover all this and live a nice lifestyle. Therefore she has to compromise her lavish lifestyle and is also giving up the property that she owns.