Karl Edward’s “Kane” Picked up by Vertigo For a Series Adapation

‘Kane’ Adaptation from the Producer trio of Vertigo Entertainment

The Very known Author is Karl Edward Wagner is famous for his horror, fantasy writings. He wrote many books and poet, editor, publisher too. As an Editor, he created a three-volume set of Robert E. Howard’s ‘Conan the Barbarian’. Now Wagner’s ‘Kane’ will get an adaptation from the famous producer trio of Vertigo Entertainment.

The producers are Roy Lee, Andrew Trapani, and Steven Schneider. Along with them Keith Previte and Kevin Elam are also producers of this Kane adaptation. We are yet to know whether ‘Kane’ will end up as a movie or television series.

The amazing works from Vertigo

Vertigo Entertainment gave us many amazing series as well as movies. Namely Lucifer, It and It Chapter 2, Doctor Sleep, The Boy, etc., Now they are going to gift us the Kane adaptation which is an Action fantasy.

Although Wagner’s Kane was from the 1970’s time it has many anticipating elements. Kane is an anti-hero and can discuss poetry, sword ship, music, poetry, politics, and many other subjects. He is highly intelligent and an excellent warrior. On top of that, he is an Immortal who is bound to wander the earth.

'Kane On The Golden Sea' by Frank Frazetta
Courtesy: Frank Frazetta art @Twitter

Kane’s special features are sword and sorcery along with gothic horror. It is rich in history and describes the pre-medieval universe. The story about Kane comprises Three novels in addition to 20 short stories.

The producer Lee is known for projects like Godzilla vs Kong, Doctor Sleep, etc. Andrew Trapani’s works are Haunting in Connecticut, Winchester along with the upcoming series Winning Time. Steven Schneider produced Paranormal Activity Films, Pet Sematary. Now, these three producers are working on The Hawkline Monster.

Let’s hope that Kane will entertain us soon with the amazing work of Vertigo Entertainment.