Mayor of Kingstown, The Game, & SEAL Team Renewed at Paramount+

Paramount+ greenlit Mayor of Kingstown, Seal Team & The Game for a New Season!

Paramount+ has officially announced that there will be three series that will air again. ‘SEAL TEAM,’ ‘Mayor Of Kingstown,’ and ‘The Game’ are the ones Paramount+ will bring back. The three of these series have earned renewal at Viacom, a CBS-owned streaming service.

The platforms on which they have renewed ordered second seasons of ‘The Game,’ which aired CW and BET – ‘Mayor Of Kingstown,’ was starred from Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon. As for ‘SEAL TEAM,’ it was with CBS with four seasons before it moved to Paramount+ last fall. Now this show is one of the top performers on the same platform. 

‘Mayor of Kingstown,’ ‘The Game,’ ‘SEAL Team’ Renewed at Paramount+
OM Mercato

Plots of the Three Shows

‘SEAL TEAM’ follows a Bravo Team known to be the most elite unit of Navy Seals. They undergo and plan on the most dangerous mission worldwide without much notice. As they undertake these missions, their family are challenged with burdens. They follow the most professional and hard training as they have to take upon the hardest of the missions.

‘Mayor of Kingstown,’ ‘The Game,’ ‘SEAL Team’ Renewed at Paramount+

‘The Game’ is an American TV Series that follows the story of professional footballers, which ultimately showcases the Black Culture. The series visualizes racism, sexism, classism, and more such tackling themes as the team fights for fame, fortune, respect, and love for themselves as they try to keep their soul while each plays ‘The Game.’  

‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ revolves around the powerful McLusky family, also the power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan. Business of incarnation is the only thriving industry in these places. The show also conveys some tackling themes such as systemic racism, corruption, and inequality. Not only this, but the show also provides a stark look of them while they try to attempt to bring order and justice to a town that has neither.