‘The Flash’: Rick Cosnett’s recurrence in Season 8 Confirmed

‘The Flash’: Rick Cosnett to be back for Season 8

The Season 1 detective Eddie Thawne of The Flash is set to make a comeback on the show. Cosnett portrayed a CCPD Detective who died in the finale. The actor hinted at his return to the show through an Instagram post. Moreover, the speculations have come to an end after it was confirmed that Cosnett is indeed a part of Season 8.

Rick Cosnett
Instagram| Rick Cosnett

What to expect about the actor’s role

The actor’s role will be unconventional causing plot changes. It has been confirmed that he would be a part of at least 3 episodes in the season. Eric Wallace, the executive producer of the show spoke highly of the actor to¬†Deadline. He said that Rick has been a great part of the Flash family since the first season.

Furthermore, he elaborated on his role and his excitement about seeing him as Eddie Thawne. Moreover, he has revealed that Eddie’s character will be justified and will be taken to unexpected places!

The Flash
Instagram|The Flash

The future of Eddie Thawne

Cosnett’s character would have different personas. The detective will embody different characters adding to the thrill. Moreover, there are chances that Cosnett might be a part of Season 9 if his character receives love. The detective’s role was previously reprised twice. “Into the Speed Force” in season 3, and the “Flash Back” episode in season 1 had Cosnett. And this time again the actor is back with a bang!

About The Flash Series

The Flash Series follows Barry Allen, a forensic investigator. Allen gains something from a freak accident; a power of superhuman speed. Consequently, he uses his newfound powers to fight against criminals. The Flash is a Bonanza Productions along with Warner Bros and Berlanti. The superhit drama stars Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Candace Patton, Kayla Compton, etc. Cosnett’s role is highly appreciated in the series and is much awaited!