Kakegurui: The Season 2 of the Show will Focus on Gambling Mainly

Credit: Monsters and Critics

With the show returning with its second season, let’s learn about the anime that sheds new light into the gambling/casino genre.

Kakegurui¬†follows the story of Jabami Yumeko, who joins Japan’s most prestigious school, Shiritsu Hyakkaou Academy, only to realize that all the students are gamblers. Rich kids gamble their parents’ money away, while normies, who aspire to be rich, become slaves to the rich kids and learn very little about gambling. Perhaps a more suitable title should be Rat Race because that’s exactly what this is.

Yumeko joins the fray, and nobody knows what her stats are. She puts on a confident front and starts off as a slave. But soon enough, she climbs the ladder and ends up becoming the most prestigious gambler in the school, even though she lacks in reasonability. She is one of those people who play for the thrill and is willing to stake everything to achieve that thrill.

Season 2

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Season 1 was all about providing a detailed analysis of the school’s structure; it’s a hierarchy of students and the varied personalities of those in power and those who are slaves. Apart from gambling, there didn’t seem to be any ulterior goal for any character.

Season 2 will be about the school elections, which also contain gambling at its core. The ones who will be in charge of the elections are the wealthy kids who suffer from borderline psychopathic tendencies- that’s right; they are the whole package. Everyone will be gambling, and the ones who end up with the most tokens, in the end, will be the winners.

In simple words, the show is an extravagant version of our society where nobody really benefits despite being money and power-hungry. But the anime is enjoyable nonetheless.