Justin Bieber’s Statement on his Past Relationship with Selena Gomez bound to Disturb the Wolves Singer

Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer, and songwriter is known for his early debut in the music industry. The singer has not only won the hearts of his fans but also of many females in the industry whom he had dated. He is now married to Halley, who equally loves him as he does. The singer is known for his controversial breakup, when the reason why Selena Gomez left Justin was to describe to be an emotional abuse done to her by Justin and that he was cheating on her with Halley, Justin chose not to speak a word about the same.

He chose to blame Selena for their breakup after he released the song titled ‘Lose you to love me’ that is when Selena felt targeted as according to her, Justin was the one who emotionally tortured her into several things throughout their term of staying together. 


What happened recently for which the couple is talked about?

Despite nearly 3 years of their breakup, Justin made a comment that hurt Selena due to the amount of ignorance and insensitivity that the statement carried despite her suffering from torture in their relationship. What Justin recently said was that he truly loved Selena and had feelings for her in their relationship, however, he was now married and love his current wife, Hailey the most and she is irreplaceable.


This terribly would have upset Selena for being cornered despite being the one compromising in their relationship, as per her. The statement that was made by Justin was not welcomed by a bunch of Selena’s fans who still believe that he left her in deception and without prior notice or a proper settlement between the two. The reality remains a secret with the two.