Solo Leveling too isn’t Left Unaffacted by the Pandemic as the Release of Season 2 Pushed Ahead

A Korean novel series, Solo Leveling is a book compiled in Papyrus. The novel is open to readers from a non-Korean background due to the English version available, named Only I Level Up. The novel has had 17 volumes with several chapters in them. the novel was first released in 2016, 2 years after it was commenced writing, and has gathered 1.4 million fans since then. The book unlocks one lesson each after 12 years in its official site. 

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The plot of the novel

A world filled with monsters and deadly creatures is shown in the novel. The creatures cause troubles to other humans around, which brings the need to eradicate them by fighting them. as a result, some people develop hunting techniques and are known as hunters. The story has a main character, named Sung Jin-Woo who is the leader of the team of hunters and is not a very capable fighter due to his weakness at the skill.

The character is not appreciated much by his fellows and that leads him to do something to change that image of his. Sung as well as his friends once get trapped between monsters and quite a few of them can escape, not him. Only after getting caught by the monsters does he plan to bring about a change in himself and work on his fighting techniques. The novel has been made into a series.

When will the next season release?

The first season ended in March 2020. The second season is expected by the fans. As far as the confirmation about the second season is questioned, viewers can be assured that it will be released soon. The shooting and post-production work will take nearly a year in total. The author of the book confirms that the second season will release in 2021. The reason is the same for the entire entertainment industry, the Corona virus pandemic.