Justin Bieber Got Emotional Over Billie Eilish as He Admits that He’s Protective About Her.

Recently in an interview, Justin Bieber got emotional over talking about Billie Eilish, his long time fan and fellow pop star.

In an interview for Apple Music which he attended for promoting his new album “Changes” Bieber was asked about many things, ranging from his album, his marriage, and also Billie Eilish. Interviewer Zane Lowe asked Bieber about his relationship with mega pop star Billie Eilish to which the twenty-five-year-old singer started to cry.

Bieber is protective over Eilish

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“I don’t know how many opportunities I’m going to get,” Bieber said to Lowe relating to the recent death of basketball player Kobe Bryant. He said that people won’t ever know how many opportunities they will get with each other. He said that he was tearing up about thinking about the Kobe situation. Lowe asked Bieber if he felt protective over Eilish and he said yes that he definitely feels protective of her.

He further said that it was difficult for him to be really young and not having any knowledge about who to trust. He said that people told him that they loved him but turned their backs on him. Following, he further said that he wants to let her do her own thing but if she ever needs him he is a call away and will be there for her.

“Stream Changes”

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Eilish was definitely touched by Bieber’s candid words. She posted a clip on her personal Instagram account from Bieber’s interview and wrote “stream changes” as the caption. The young pop star also shared pictures from her childhood which showed her love for Bieber. Eilish and Bieber had met in Coachella in 2019 and then later joined together for a remix of Billie’s song “Bad Guy”.

Watch the interview in the video below.