Richard Ranking: Outlander Star On The Role That Changed His Life


In all 8 chapters of Diana Gabaldon’s book series, Richard Rankin played the role of  Roger Wakefield MacKenzie.

How ‘Outlander’ Has Changed His Life.

In the Contract, he has to shoot for eight or months of the year. It is a big challenge to keep himself cleared, focused, and to stay at the top in every task. Along with the challenge, this also honorable and rewarding.

Starz/ Richard-Rankin As Roger Wakefield MacKenzie

‘Outlander’ is a major part of his life practically consistently, which he absolutely can’t whine about.  Roger is in every one of the 10 of the books, evidently, season five is book five and it additionally consolidates some of book six.

He has no clue how they will adjust it, but he envisions that season six would be book six and a tad of book seven.  As far as keeping the show in accordance with the books, it would most likely be either season eight or nine, however, it could go up to tenth.


The Advancement Of His Character ‘Roger Wakefield MacKenzie’

His identity changes with each chapter of the show. The reality is so unique in relation to season to the season is an extraordinary aspect concerning playing that character. It was at first all comfortable jumpers and chimneys, shooting in manors and libraries.

Roger has a solid circular segment through season four and a significantly progressively amazing one through season five. Clearly, I realized that well early in light of the fact that I had perused the books and that is the reason I played the job, recognizing what was originating from season four/book four onward.

It is such a move in the character. He is an easygoing, unassuming history educator, however, he changes so uncontrollably from that throughout the accompanying seasons. That is intriguing to play.

How His Character featured In The New Season: ‘Outlander Season 5’.