Junior is celebrating the best year of his life: PJ Morton gets personal with new album ‘Paul’.

PJ Morton states that he is having a great year. Morton says that he started all the success with Maroon 5. Headlines in February were on the Super bowl with his bandmates ‘Maroon 5’ when he won his first Grammy. Now he is on the tour for his latest and perhaps most personal album PAUL, hitting the stereos.

The name of the record defines the testament to its personality. Morton was called as PJ to distinguish him from his father, Paul Senior. He likes that nickname but still explains the name how ‘Paul’ distills himself and his voice.

Paul also gratifies for his existence in this world, and it’s the purest form of himself. His journey and quest have always tried to achieve the purest form of himself artistically. Morton considered his solo career for the past few years and then gave up when he moved home to New Orleans from Los Angeles almost four years ago with the same intention. Before PAUL was announced, it had been rumored that Gumbo (2017) and its follow-up live version, Gumbo Unplugged (2018), would be Morton’s last solo releases.

Meanwhile, Morton found the new success that kept him going like, Gumbo was nominated for two Grammy awards, and the unplugged version of Gumbo was nominated for three, one of which it won for the song “How deep is your love.” After this success, it demanded Morton to be confident enough to step again as an individual artist.

When Morton mentions his work with Maroon 5, he specifies his dilemma where his job was to suppose to chase the same success or to create the music that translated Maroon 5’s fans. It was like a challenge from him to himself!