Visitors are loving it: River City’s Ignite Peoria attracts hundreds to the art scene!

Ignite Peoria of Central Illinois is a one-stop source for any art information and aims to support and spread awareness for the arts. The nonprofit engages the entire community with the different art forms and programs that they can participate in. This year’s Art and Maker Festival started on Aug 10 and had many participants in the way of artists, musicians, dancers, innovators, actors, local makers, and others join the free day of fun learning.

Ignite Peoria festival offers hands-on activities by local artists, makers, and creative groups from painting, to 3-D Printing! The event also features theatre, dance, and technology workshops; a “Bot Brawl” competition and two live performance stages showcasing the best talent of River City’s people. It is a hands-on learning program where people can learn by themselves to make the art they see.

Visitors are loving it: River City's Ignite Peoria attracts hundreds to the art scene! 5

The community center fest also is a spot where people from different nationalities come together. There are various counters and stalls of the different nationalities, from the Chinese to the Filipino-American, to even an Appalachian folk dance stall.

Jenn Gordon, Executive Director of Arts Partners of Central Illinois (the organization behind the Ignite Peoria event), said that he likes that it is a one-stop opportunity to see what sparks one’s creativity and to see how one wants to express himself in moving forward.

Visitors are loving it: River City's Ignite Peoria attracts hundreds to the art scene! 6

This year marks the sixth year of the event, which changes each year and grows more inclusive and accessible. This year there was a separate room for those with disabilities who found the crowded places too overwhelming. The place was called “Sensory Ignite,” with a range of sensory experiences such as plastic bags to squish and multicolored fleeces to stroke.

This year there are 28 performance groups, six workshops, and around 100 artists and maker booths. For more details, visit the link.